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Shooting in Style: Designing Women’s Gear for Dynamic Shooting

Since I first began training in dynamic shooting, I’ve struggled to find the right clothing. Perhaps you’ve also experienced the discomfort of your holster pressing uncomfortably against your hip bone when your shooting belt is at a traditional height? It’s common to see women leaning to one side to facilitate drawing their gun from the holster. Maybe you do this too, feeling you have no other choice.

I often returned from long competitions with abrasions and bruises. Whether competing in hipsters, jocks, shorts, or my own modified trousers, I frequently faced considerable discomfort. It was perplexing why men had more options, while women had to make do. My experience as both a competitor and a shooting instructor led me to address not only my own needs but also those of other women who seek optimal training attire. We need trousers that allow freedom of movement and feel like a second skin, tailored to our unique shapes since each of us is different.

And one more thing: Why does everything at the shooting range have to be so tactical and drab? Adding colored pocket zips that match your pouches or competition top can be fabulous. The clothes you wear at a match are vital for feeling well-prepared and confident, boosting your mental edge.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the cordura-cotton fabric is woven especially for you. The quality is so high that the guys might just envy us.